August 29, 2008


I was browsing my own design folder and I found out that I forgot to post another freebie. I can't even remember when I did them. Is that because of age? Hahha! Anyway, as far as I can remember I made them because I wanted to test some free patterns I downloaded. I find them very cute right? Hehehe!

What's the latest? I am going to have my very first GRAND DAUGHTER by December!!!Al though I have grand children from my sister and in laws, this will be our very own.Hihihi! I admit that before I don't want to have grandchildren yet . I don't want to be called LOLA! ( a filipino term for grandmother) But honestly, I am so excited!! My daughter said she will name her Aya Marie. I wanted Iya. hahaha!

Well,I hope and pray that our eldest Edrica will have her own baby too. I know she and her husband would love to have one soon. I guess she sooooo tired and pressured from her work as a nurse. Relax girl! I hope you'll have a baby girl too. hihihi!

OK GUYS! Here is the link for my ricracs: