May 10, 2009


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE. I am so happy that none of my children who are all not with us right now, did not forget to greet me this special day. Our yungest John Matz will be home next week from Boracay ( unfortunately he will be coming home with a bad cough).My daughter Crissy called to greet me and I got a call from my son Jimboy in Dubai and he sent me a cash gift. Yipee. Edrica my eldest who is in Maryland sent me a note in my facebook account. Oh she does not have to send me a cash gift. She does already every month. LOL. I miss them so very much. My very special gift is from my husband, a bag of chocolates and a CAR!!! It will be ready by next week. HAHAHA!!

OK now about bookscrapping, LOL, I don' have a freebie today because I've been very busy making scrapbooks for friends and my grandchild using free kits from very good designers. I used a couple of them . The first photo which is me and my mother is from Fritzie aka Chingjp. This is her Thank you Mom Kit ( and the second one( that's Aby, my grand daughter from my niece) is from Jael aka Jaelop called Kit Rustiko ( Just visit their blogs and you'll find these awesome freebies and much much more. I guess I'll do some advertising of freebies for a while. LOL.

Happy Mothers Day everyone. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!