October 18, 2010


Well, I just had a hot cup of coffee and some biscuits. I hope my laptop won't overheat. It has been on since  12pm. Hahaha. So that's roughly more than 4 hours. I guess I have to be thankful for the cold rainy weather.
As I have said I accepted another CT assignment from  another Ginger Scraps designer Suzie Lopez of Psychozoe Designs.  Check our her blog for some freebies too. She one funny lady.  We have something very much in common. We are both scrapping addicts. Hahahaha. And we both have our butts imprinted in our chairs due to scrapping and I guess photoshop.LOL. Suzie just released a super wonderful kit called Into the Pineywoods . I truly enjoyed making a scene out of it. It has lots of elements and beautiful papers to work with.  Thank you Suzie for making me part of the team.  BTW my co-members are awesome. You should check Suzie's blog to check the layouts we made for this awesome kit. Here are the preview and my layouts for Into the Pineywoods:

 Isn't awesome? I really enjoyed this kit. That's my loveydovey in my first layout. Do you see Iya? She's actually going to go down from a chair to avoid the camera. hahaha. Get this perfect kit here: INTO THE PINEYWOODS
And here is my FREEBIE!.  I was inspired by clusters so I made one.  The kit has i think about 4 separate flowers too.  If you want to colorize it just use the saturation filter of adobe. If your are using adobe photoshop, the shortcut key to that is Ctrl + U and start playing with it. Oh dear, I wish I have more time to change my blog design. I don't use digiaddict anymore.  I prefer my dodiegonzales scrapper name.  I need to make a siggy and a new label for my freebies. Well, ill find the time soon, Here is the preview of my freebie GLOSSY FLOWERS
Oooooh I love it,, HAHAHAHAAHA. Enjoy it but please please please. Credit me when you use and post it anywhere. This is only for Private Use please.  GET IT HERE GLOSSY FLOWERS
Have a great day. Thank you Lord for a very inspiring day for me. Hugs to all!



Oh dear I really need more time to update my blog.  I am sorry for being late. I quite busy with other personal things aside from my CT responsibilities which is actually my relaxation. LOL.  I need to clean and I mean CLEAN the house.  My children and their husbands plus our 2 precious children with be coming next month.  My son Edric James and wife Marvie will have their church wedding on November 27.  Well, I made arrangements already.  Paid the down payments and most importantly, I delivered the  cloth to Jill's  for my gown already.HAHAHA.  Now I just need to fix the house.  Oh I need another room but anyway, John said he will just sleep in the living room. My grand children will definitely sleep with us. Hehehe.
Well, I had to be honest, I have been enjoying scrapping more than ever.  I have added more CT assignments.  I just could not resist it. How could you turn down good designers? Aside  from Jumping Jelly Bean Designs,  I am doing some layout for 2 more wonderful and super friendly Ginger Scraps designers and they are Jen Jordan (hope I am right with her real name)  of Pixels and Jen and Susie Lopez of Psychozoe Designs. Both are so so friendly.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be one of  your CT Member.  Your designs are awesome.
I already did 2 kits for Pixels by Jen.   I am really so sorry for not blogging about it earlier. The first one is called LIL NUTTY . This is really cute. I was browsing my photos for  a perfect picture for the wordarts and so lucky I have Caleb and Ellie as my models,. hahahaha. here's the preview and my pages of this lovable kit:

I just love the colors. So perfect for your fall photos and funny ones too. Go and get this kit here: LIL NUTTY BY PIXELS BY JEN
The next kit I did for Jen is a kit that I don't have to describe(LOL) because this kit's name is BEAUTIFULLY. The name itself says it all.  Truly a very beautiful kit. I wished Iya did not become a cam hater but however her picture turns out she will be always be in my pages. Hahaha. Here are the preview and my layouts for this gorgeous kit:

I also love the colors of this kit. The first photo is Danica, Edrica's god daughter and her daddy.  I am very thankful to Charo that she allowed me to use some of her photos for my scrapping projects. BTW the blue paper background and the diagonal lined paper,and the polka dot flower were cut using the adobe custom shape tool from their original 12x12in papers. And there's Iya, the cam hater.  She really did not want to look at me.  Instead, she turned to her side and started thumbsucking. Grrrr. LOL. Thank you Jen  for this "beautifully" done kit.  Get  it here: BEAUTIFULLY .  HAPPY SCRAPPING EVERYONE.I will blog about Susie Lopez of Psychozoe Designs when I come back,  I need to eat.  It's raining out here because of a super typhoon affecting the northern area of Luzon . You better come back too because I have a FREEBIE!!LOL