March 3, 2009


I downloaded some cute fonts and played with them. I find them so plain and boring so i wasted some time coloring some of them. it made my eyes a bit sore but I enjoyed doing it anyway. In the first place , they turned out a lot better than before. I tried one in Iya Marie's page. What do you think? Hope you will find them cute in your pages as well. I got my elements from Kiwiscrapper (the 2 girls). Please leave a little love after you download them.
Download here:

BTW, I want to thank Joy of ( for designing a blog layout for me. I am new to these but I hope I can do it. I am still trying to understand her instructions but soon you will be seeing a very sweet layout made especially for me by Joy. Thank you my dear friend. So lucky I met you in SBF. God bless you.