October 23, 2010

CBD continues with my FREEBIE!

Ok Breakfast is finished.  I am supposed to be cleaning right now but I promised I'd be back . I have been having high blood pressures lately.  I really don't know why .  Sleeping late so I could wake up late but unfortunately I still sometime wake up at 3 am and I can't go back to sleep anymore.  Is this " my babies are coming home jitters"? LOL.  My son from Dubai, Edrie and hubby from Maryland and Crissy , hubby and our little grandchildren are coming win 3 weeks times.  Excitement? I think so.  I have been seriously scrapping for the past days. I am super superduperly enjoying it..
Okay I'll give you my freebie a little later. Read a little more of Caged Bird Designs for me. Here are the other 2 kits I worked on from CBD> Both are so awesome. Bountiful Meadow is one of my fav kit i've worked on because it has my 2 favorite colors. I have always love autumn colors especially in a softer way.Bountiful Meadow is kit full of fall splendor, with the beautifully textured papers . I am featuring our new little cute and adorable grandson Aiden with this kit.  He is such a blessing. I can see the joy in their parents eyes when they hold him. I did not mind the  pain in my arms when I had to carry him for a longest time because he's probably colic . Cuddling him and seeing him fast asleep in my arms is pure delight. Oh ... here's the kit. LOL
The second layout is Kendra's adorable sons.  Thanks Kendra for helping me secure photos that will fit the kits I will be working on. Caleb and Brayden's photos are just tooo perfect. You will see more of them soon.
Oh I think I should have shown this first but anyway, here's another kit that I also had fun with. It is called Autumn Daydreams.  Autumn Daydreams is a collaboration between caged bird designs, Girlboheme Studios, and Dora's LemonLove Creations. You'll love the colors and elegance of this kit. Here's the preview:
 Woooo! This kit features my 2 beautfiul grand childen.  Brother and sister Aiden and Iya! ya does not like to smile at me when I am holding the cam  I don't know if I took  these photos.  I think her mom did.  Both layouts showed the beautiful colors of Autumn Daydreams.  Both kits are on SALE!!! 20% off the price.
Here are the links where you can get these fantastic fall , autumn, and Thanksgiving kit.   
                                    AUTUMN DAYDREAMS
I am so happy I am with Caged Bird Designs.  Thank you Chelsea for taking me in your Creative Team. I am looking forward to working on more of your awesome kits.
Power failure cause the delay. I am so sorry. Our electricity has been on and off since this morning. Grrrrrr. Anyway, here is my freebie,  I have no name for it yet.  I was actually planning to make a big kit but it will definitely take a long time for me to finish it, Here's the link to my new freebie GET IT HERE FREEBIE

I love how this turned out.  I will post a sample layout next time and probably add some more. It includes 4 flowers and 2 sets of leaves and 2 papers.  Hope you like them .Happy Scrapping. I really need to rest a bit. My medicines for high blood pressure is really making me so sleepy. Have a great day everyone,  It's night time here so to some, Good Night.God bless you all

Caged Bird Designs

OH MY GOSH! I thought i blogged about Caged Bird Designs.   I was accepted as a CT member during the time I was in Cebu . That was the time when Crissy was about to give birth. Thank you to Chelsea our Top Bird for giving me the chance to be part of their team.  Although blogging about Caged Bird Designs is not required, I still would like to share with you the 4  beautiful kits I have worked on ever since I started last month.  Did 4 kits in a month?WOW I did 4!!!. HAHAHAHAHA. I can't remember which one I did first but anyway,  Here are the Previews, Links, sample layouts of every Kit I made with Caged Bird Designs.
First is I Know Why . CBD describes I Know Why as  a light, simple, serene kit that will help you scrap any layout. From the soft music notes to the little birds this kit can be enjoyed again, again. and she's right. I love this kit. so soft and simple.

My second layout is Delaney. She's Terri Lewis's grand daughter.  I met Terri in SBF ,saw each other again in Facebook . If  we were neighbors we might become the best of friends.  Because we enjoy our grand daughters so much.  We share our feelings about them, even their new tricks. Thanks for the friendship Terri. I hope everything turns out positive  for you.  You know what I mean. Hehehe.ooo I love that page with my Iyapotpot ( That's what I call her sometimes) She was helping us take out some weeds on their lawn. See how soft this kit is.  Find out more details and get the kit here: I KNOW WHY.
The next is Pretty Girly. The Title says it all. So so pretty and girly. :Here's the preview. I definitely have to feature pretty Ellie in this kit of course my pretty Iya too. LOL
See what I mean? Check out this kit and get it  for you pretty girlies! Get the kit here PRETTY GIRLY
 Oops hubby awake! Gotta have breakfast first.   BTW  both kits have 20% discounts so get it now! BRB for the 2 kits. We'll see if I can fix you a little freebie. LOL. God bless and thank you for theis beautiful day.