May 11, 2009

Missing my Baby

I don't know why. Probably it is because it was Mothers Day yesterday. I am missing my babies who are so away from us. Edrica in the the US and Jimboy in Dubai. Edrica was recently awarded as Most Outstanding Nurse in the Oncology Dept. I made a page for her using Xena's Country Kit. Thank you Xena for this awesome kit. I am so sorry for not giving credit to the designer of the elements I used for Jimboy but whoever you are, I am really so thankful to you. Maybe you could send me a message so I could edit my blog.

We celebrated Mother's day with my sister-in-laws. Really had fun eating and playing mahjong (a famous chinese game) . I am so excited to see my youngest son who will be coming home from Boracay maybe tomorrow of Wednesday but also a bit worried because I know he is having a bad cough. Her aunt called to tell us that we need to have him checked by a doctor because of his frequent nightmares. I really pray that there is nothing wrong with his pancreas.
Oh God bless him!

Have a great day everyone. God bless!

New Award from Fritzie

Thank you so much Fritzie aka Chingjp for this new award. It made my ears go flapping. LOL. I am o so lucky to have a cyber friend like her who is an excellent designer. I really don't know who to pass this award cuz I'm sure they got this already . I guess I better try some excellent blog digiscrap designers's blogs. This are some of the beautiful sites I have visited and I give them this award.

This award has the following rules and suggestions:

1. Choose blogs or websites that for quality, their affinity or have any reason to establish a link you wish to reinforce and reward with a "forget-me-not" in the post and link writing.

2. Write a post showing the award, citing the name of your blog or website that gives you and notify your elected a comment. If possible the source of the award.

3. Award display in your blog (optional)
Happy Scrapping Everyone