October 5, 2010


I applied as a CT at DID( Designs In Digital) when I saw an ad in DST.  I just tried. I know it's hard to be a CT in a store like DID. I really wished I get in because they have great designers in there.  I honestly did not expect to get in. I don't buy kits or anything from their store. As if I buy from stores. LOL. Plus I was not a registered member of DID.  Never post anything there. Surprisingly, I got an email from DID that I got in. YES! I am still getting used to the forum.  There are more requirements as a CT ( quite a lot of challenges hihi) but so far I am enjoying it. Thank you DID for giving me the chance to be part of the team. 
My first assignment is to make layouts for Lali Creations and this is the very first layout I made for DID and Lali Creations. The kit is called Lovely Day. The kit is so pretty and so soft. I used the kit for the  Siggy Challenge at DID too. Here  are the preview and my layouts for this lovely kit:
Go and check it out here:LOVELY DAY BY LALI CREATIONS

 Here is my SIGGY  that I will be posting for the DID challenge. I am suppose to  use a kit I am working in so thanks to Lali Creations for the elements I used.

Isn't it so pretty?  This is the first time I made a siggy. Hmmmm. A lot of first times in DID. Thanks for the challenge I was obliged to make one hahaha.  I needed that. Well, my grand daughter Iya has become a cam hater. I was so lucky I managed to get a smile from her.  Thank you Nancy Farnum (again) for letting share Ellie's photos.  She's such a darling.I might be posting a lot of her pages here.
I will finish all my obligations as a CT member and I'll have a freebie again soon. Thanks for visiting . Please some again and have a look at my coming pages. God bless everybody!