April 18, 2008

More Eating!

April 18, 2008

It was Winston's Bday yesterday!( my husband's cousin)! He turned 60 as well. We had dinner at their place about 2 minutes walk from ours. HAHAHA! My husband had a dinner meeting with the Mayor and some friends so he was not able to join us. Anyway, as promised to myself, I did not eat rice ; just small quantities of the viands and a little desert ( little?) Hmmm... I had to lose weight. I am already 136 lbs . Honestly, I don't feel so good when I'm heavy. And I feel bad when I can't get the style of dresses that I like. Hihihi. Well, Good luck to me.

By the way the picture on top is Winston's wife, Stella and their grandchildren Bibikoy and the newly born Tikoy. ( i wonder where they got those names). We had fun chatting and taking pictures. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring my camera so I only used my celfone. Too bad, most of the pictures were blurred . Well, I guess I better bring my cam always. Hahaha! God bless you all!

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Edna said...

Sorry about the spelling of "desert" HAHAHA. It is actually "dessert"