June 5, 2008


I was able to get some free brushes in deviantart.com called "cs2 facemaker"and I was able to make these faces. So cute and I hope they will be useful in your digiscraps. Thanks for all those who left some nice word of thanks for my disney freebies. It is just unfortunate that I can't post them anymore. I was so stupid not to read the by laws of digiscrapdepot. Anyway, doing your own designs are a lot more fun . Thanks for downloading some of my freebies. I am not a business woman, I don't sell any of my embellishments ( I only sell euphorbia plants to friends . hahaha). I am just enjoying all the tutorials I learned from free photoshop tutorials ; use them and share them to all of you. Thanks again to those who leave very nice word of thanks after downloading them.

Download the extra freebie here:

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