May 14, 2011


SUMMER'S HERE!!That mean, vacations, outings, beaches, pools, and lotsa FUN!! Here is a a great summer kit from ATHENA CREATIONS called SUMMERS RAINBOW to scrap all those fun and cool summer memories!  This wonderful kit is huge with 24 patterned and plain coordinate papers , 92 perfect summer elements and 16 different frames. And  believe it or not this kit is on sale at 50% discount!!!So HURRY now and visit COOLSCRAPSDIGITAL!! Here are the previews and the layouts I made with this great kit.
 Well, you all know our little Princess Iya.  There is a story before these happy faces.  Iya and her Yaya( nanny) were on the poolside sitting on the pool's stairs when suddenly Iya jump off the stairs. We thought that she was just playing but when we noticed that she was struggling, we all started to panic. Luckily, her yaya was able to get hold of her immediately.,  It all happened on in less than a minute but we got all scared. To Iya, it was nothing. She started shouting, shrieking, kicking her feet in the water.  She never let go of her nanny's arms though. And if her nanny tries too, she will said "Wawa  wawa" ( that means, poor her or she'll get hurt"). Well, she only got out of the water when it started getting cold and her lips started to turn purple.LOL. She had great fun. You can see it in her faces. I miss her so everytime I look at those smiles.
These are my grand nieces and nephew.  As I have said before, when the sun is out in the Philippines,it's summer and a great day to take a swim. This was one of those days. This was during the Easter holidays when the three stooges had fun playing in their mini pool. There were fights between sibling Aby and Briel but they look funny fighting.Just look at Briel on the last photo. LOL. Too bad Iya has not arrived yet from Cebu. I am sure they will have more fun with shouting Iya. LOL
I am sure you will have more great summer photos to scrap so take advantage of this FUN and WONDERFUL  SUMMERS RAINBOW!!

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