April 12, 2012


Then, rising with Auroras light, The Muse invoked, sit down to write; paint, smile, breath, live.... Made in gorgeous orange, blue and purple tones, based in the soft fragrance and the screaming sensation of a young sunrise, painting amazing unicorns dressed in flowers, exploring the tinted textures of a creative artist... All this and much more in this fabulous, dreamy kit. The set includes 22 gorgeous, painted, textured papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi and 120 stunning, unique, assorted and magical elements at 300dpi-PNG format. Available and on sale at big discounts at:
  Scrappity doo dah
'Here is my layout also using a template by Kakleidesigns
for her Template Challenge at Coolscrapsdigital
Thanks again to my friend Georgina for the beautiful photo of Bella

Just arrive from my Easter Break.  It was not really fun because my daughter almost gave birth to her twins . It wasn't yet because she's only 7 months pregnant with them  She's now on total bed rest  at least until first week of May.  That means I will be going back to her and the little monsters maybe last week of April.  
It was not fun because we stayed mostly at home but it was full of laughter because of the little monsters. Aiden is Iya's mirror.  He kept on imitating whatever Iya did and said. How adorable they are. I wish I could bring them with me.  We had to leave while Iya's sleeping because I would  pity her so much if she starts crying. 
Now, I am home with a cold from Cebu.  Our house is still a mess with all our things in the living room.  Our room is being tiled right now. I repainted the walls in the living room and dining room.  I was so scared last night because I had the most terrible headache ever.  My blood pressure was high.  My husband did not want  me to take another pain killer so he gave me Valium to relax and put me to sleep. When I woke up this morning , my head was still aching so I took a stronger pain killer.  Now it's gone but I have allergies right now. My eyes are bulging again. I had no medicine so I had to ask my maid to go to the drugstore. I.m quite okay now but i can hardly see with my left eye because of my bulging eyelids.hihi. Well, I have to catch up with my layouts. I don't know if i could because I am really busy with the house repairs.  


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