January 4, 2012


CSD has did it again.  It's fabulous designers have created this super gorgeous winter collection. WINTER WALTZ is jam packed with 200  beautiful winter elements and  80 gorgeous papers. You should not miss this fantastic Mega.  You can Have Winter Waltz for free with just a $10 purchase at Coolscrapsdigital.
Visit Coolscrapsdigital now and take advantage of this wonderful offer.
Participating Designers:  Adry Piliero, butterflyDsign,
Carol’s DigiScrap Creations, Created by Jill Scraps, Dhl,
Gemini Creationz, KaKleiDesigns, Maguette, Mariscrap,
Nathalie Scrap and Design, Pmarie, Simplette.

and here are a couple of pages I made using this super fabulous kit

My precious grand daughter Iya. How I miss you.
 My daughter's beautiful family. 
A little story of Iya:
Iya wanted to stay for a while with us.  She kept on saying "Stay Mamoo Iya" I felt a lump on my throat because I know her parents won't allow her to stay.  She knew she was leaving because she kept staying at my side... always looking for me.  When she rode in the car, she looked for me and she sat on me . I try to control me tears hugging her while on our way to the pier. When the car stopped and we went down, her hands grasped mine and would not let go.  Her mom told her that they will just ride the boat and she had to go school. No complaints, she went. When I got home, I felt the loneliness.  On my bed, I kept smelling the pillow she used. Tears fell down and wished I forced them to let her stay for while.

The next morning,  I was not in the mood to clean up the house. I did not even wash the towel she used.    So, to remove my thoughts of her, I went back  scrapping. Started doing the PUBS needed . Then my cell phone rang. It was my daughter telling me to talk to Iya.  She was crying soooo hard that she could not speak well.  She started crying when it was her uncle who picked them up. Not me.  Her  sobbingvoice saying"Mamoo, come here" broke my heart.  I started crying myself. I wished at that time that I could leave immediately to be with her.  I told her to stop crying and that I will be there soon. 

Now she is okay. I try to call her everyday. She does not speak clearly yet but I feel her joy every time I call her. Her tiny voice saying "I love you Mamoo"  is just to sweet .Her mom promised that she will stay with us for the summer.  I really hope so. Wanna know the reason why they would not allow Iya to stay? They know we will spoil her. LOL. Aint' grannies born to spoil? HAHA.  I miss her so much of  course, Aiden as well. I can't wait for the summer now. 


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Margó said...

Dear Edna! You're a beautiful family and grandchildren! I have no grandchildren yet, but I could feel what you write! I wish you and you should soon be on your summer with us! I understand your grandson that you love Mama - you! :-)
Covers, Margo