January 6, 2012


ONE DAY KIT by Chili Designz is another versatile kit.  With it, you can scrap any of your beautiful photos. You will  love the combination of green and blue ... so soft and subtle.  One Day Kit includes 10 beautiful papers and about 51 lovely elements. Visit Coolscrapsdigital for more details.

Here are my layouts
Cousins, Briel and Iya trying to kiss their lollipops. It was a fun day for them.Running around,playing with whatever they can get hold of. Wish Iya could stay a little longer that time so she can really bond with her cousins.

Here is the story of this adorable photo. Iya was one of the flower girls in her mom's best friend's wedding but instead of carrying flowers, the girls carried a doll. Her mom stood us the Matron of Honor, and me and my husband as one of the Principal Sponsors. I was already worried when we got to the church because Iya looks sleepy. I took pictures of her but she did not seem to have that hyper energy that she has. She started thumb sucking and did not want to leave my side.  The entourage parade was about to begin and she did not want to go to her position. She started crying.  I could not get her because I have to join  the principal sponsors. His dad could not do anything but just get her.  According to his dad, she was crying so loud because she wanted to be with me.  We should just took her and walked let her walk with us. At the pew, she sat with me.  I knew she was really sleepy.. and she did slept during the entire wedding ceremony.  Then I realized why she got sleepy.  The doll was so soft and cuddly just like her Winnie the Pooh stuff toy (her security toy so she can sleep). LOL. Hmmm, should I blame that cute doll.  At the reception? Well, she was fully charged.  There was no way we could stop her from running around, going back and forth to me and her parents, up and down the stairs... dancing around whenever there's music. HAHAHA. Oh sweet Iya.  I just could not stop talking about you.  Missing you so much.


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